Super Flavorful Fish

fresh tombo ahi

We had the good fortune to be gifted some delicious fresh-off-the-boat albacore tuna (aka Tombo Ahi in Hawaii). So we decided to do a Mr. Kac’s Sampler.

A little Mr. Kac’s Crack Special.

A little Mr. Kac’s Crack Lemon.

And a little Mr. Kac’s Crack Spicy.

Don’t forget to season both sides. No extra seasoning needed!

We grilled it at 450 degrees for 2 minutes a side.

We didn’t put any oil on the fish, but you can brush a drizzle of olive oil before adding Mr. Kac’s if you like to help prevent it from sticking to the grill.

Delicious, easy, and super flavorful grilled fish using just Mr. Kac’s Crack seasonings.